What’s in My Bag?

We first went backpacking two years ago, laden with 35 litre rucksacks, multiple water bottles hanging by our sides and a large selection of noodle packets. Last year we set off again, with a lot less in tow. I’ve learnt what the necessities are – the actual necessities – and my back – and stress levels – are extremely grateful. Our … Continue reading What’s in My Bag?

International Women’s Day: Inspiration & Love-Spreading

As a same-sex, all-girl blog we figured it’s only right we celebrate International Women’s Day. We could have stuck with watching Supernatural and making far-off travel plans in bed, but we figured there’s no better way than to share a few inspiring fellow women, some of whom we know in real life… Ellie, The Wonder of Whisky – … Continue reading International Women’s Day: Inspiration & Love-Spreading