What’s in My Bag?

33 thoughts on “What’s in My Bag?”

  1. Ha ha yes noodle packets, I drag those round for weeks 😀 But, a laptop? Did I read that correctly? My budget smartphone seems to do everything I can imagine a laptop might do for me, while travelling anyway, and it replaces the heavy camera too. The problem I have with it is battery life. Similarly my trailrunning shoes have now replaced both sandals and boots. Luckily they don’t need batteries 😉 Water bottles, ha ha yes to them as well, we hear this big thing about hydration all the time, I suspect it’s driven by the bottled water industry! It’s amazing how little water you can get away with actually carrying. Great post and entertaining as always 😉

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    1. Hi Andrew, haha I wonder how much backpackers contribute to the noodle packet industry! We have a Macbook Air so it’s pretty thin and light, just slips down the back of the main pocket. We use it mainly to upload all our photos on to in case we lose our memory cards, and also uploading them onto our blog posts. It’s definitely not necessary, but it’s never been a problem 🙂 I’ll have a look into trailrunning shoes when these boots fall apart; we always have the issue of needing a good combination shoe! 🙂

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      1. Wow lucky you my laptop weighs a ton! Wouldn’t want to risk anything as expensive as a Macbook backpacking in the UK, I’d be bound to get it soaking wet 😉


  2. Sounds good – not too far removed from the contents of the bags we’re using at the moment on our brief Spanish road trip.

    Discovered Lush products a few years ago so Carrie and I use both shower gels and shampoo bars on the road and I use their shaving cream at home (am too old to be a hipster beardie!!!).

    Kindles always good – so much so that I got the Kindle app for this here iPad Mini rather than use the Apple take on the theme….

    Great music in the tapas bar earlier – London Calling by The Clash – and one store we passed earlier today was playing The Cure’s accoustic version of Friday I’m In Love…


    1. My favourite Cure song! Lush is great, we use their shampoo bars too; I use the Jason & the Argan Oil and Naomi uses Soak & Float. Good call on the Kindle app, I wonder if you can get it on Macbooks…


      1. Got on the iPad and the Mac Mini at home – think both came via clicks on Amazon with a side diversion to Apple store – still free…

        More music today – Rod Stewart singing Maggie May in Spanish playing in the bar we’ve just been to in Seville. Move on to Cordoba tomorrow…

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  3. Ha, mate, I thought I was doing well reducing to 45 litres 😀 I’ve no idea how I pack so much. I think part of it is because I have a genuine terror if being too cold so I pack layers. Oh, and a blanket.


  4. Hi Naomi and Bel
    Issue of what to pack was my problem when embarking on my London-Malaysia railway odyssey. I had lots of electronic stuff from the camera to a MacBook, two external hard drives, a few cameras (sold my DSLR and heavy lenses, though), a couple of phones… Travelling from an extra cold spring to the tropics also meant more clothing. I did pack lots of noodles and Malay dried food, though, not to mention teabags and coffee sachets. It all adds up. I had to tip almost half of the staff out of my suitcase the night before departure and still had one medium-sized suitcase, a rucksack on wheels, one day pack for the electronics and a bumbag.


    1. Wow that’s quite impressive! That’s definitely an issue we had when travelling between different climates too… It seems us travellers are single-handedly supporting the entire packet noodle industry! That sounds like an epic trip though!


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