Undiscovered Gems of Europe

25 thoughts on “Undiscovered Gems of Europe”

    1. What an adventure! You should definitely visit Romania next; highly recommend Brasov and the mountain areas around Zarnesti. And though we took the train, I can imagine the ride from there to Bulgaria would be amazing; we passed through mountain roads and waterfalls and endless, empty countryside. Would love to go back there.

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      1. cool, this year I am travelling to Bhutan, the Himalayan kingdom but next year it is on my list. was thinking about Prague and Vienna. Now this too on my list. cheers


      2. yup….just want be around mountain for next 10 years of life then see everything else. There is something about mountain which makes you feel surreal. do check out my post, my last visit to himalayan ranges, you may find it interesting.

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  1. Great post. I think half the fun of an adventure is occasionally getting lost…like you folks, I find interesting, little known places/things of interest. Keep exploring.


      1. Same here, lol. Last time I got lost, er, took a wrong turn, I ran across a juvenile aligator, just chilling on a log.


      2. No doubt….a 7 hour detour? Was that pre punctured tyre, or including it? You two seem like you’ve travelled everywhere.


      3. The puncture was right at the end of it, we decided to just turn back around after that! Haha together we’ve been around a lot of Europe and Morocco, I (Bel) have also been to Egypt and Japan, and Naomi’s been to South Africa. But there’s a lot more coming up hopefully!


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