Barcelona to the Pyrenees

26 thoughts on “Barcelona to the Pyrenees”

  1. I guess the stunning scenery was worth the discomfort. …and oh how amazing it must have felt to enjoy the hotel after such cold and tiring conditions! Well done and thank you for the fab journal of your adventures. Lots of love, Mumma xx

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  2. This blog is beautiful guys! I love the idea of doing what you guys are doing but how do you afford it… as in do you work as you go along or do you take a few months at home working then go off travelling for a few months?? Would love to know!!x


    1. Hi Lucy! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog!! We work and travel alternatively – we worked at our local Co-op shop for 6 months and that paid for our trip to Spain and Morocco, which was a month, a summer back in the UK living off savings, doing up our Transit van, and another trip to Spain in September, including paying for a course there. Our 2015 6 month Europe trip cost about £1800 for the both of us, including all the flights etc. So it’s definitely doable – I’d say working for 6 months can cover you for 6/9 months, maybe more. If we did more volunteer work and worked out our transport a bit better that could have easily stretched to maybe even a year! I hope that helps!! At the moment we’re working again, but are trying to figure out a way of making money on the road – that’s the dream anyway!! x

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      1. Okay thanks so much! I’m surprised at how cheaply you’ve managed to do it which is so great! I’m taking a gap year next year and so this is definitely going to help!! x


      2. We were thinking of heading to Thailand in the next couple of years; Nepal looks incredible too. Hope it all works out and is amazing! If you go anywhere in Europe or North Africa get in touch if you want any advice or anything! x


  3. Love your pictures! Northern Spain is such a hidden gem. Sometimes it doesn’t get the attention it deserves versus other European destinations. But maybe it is better kept as a secret… Great post!


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