The Sahara

22 thoughts on “The Sahara”

  1. WOW gorgeous pictures! I feel like morocco is one of those countries that is forever at the top of my list but I’ve just never gotten around to going. Your pictures are giving me so much travel lust to go and I have no idea why I still haven’t been!


    1. Thank you so much! We’ve been a few times now between us, Chefchaouen is our number one, then the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains; Imlil is a tiny village south of Marrakech but the area is beautiful. Marrakech is great to do some shopping in the souks and dance in the square but it does get a bit tiring after a few days. Definitely head out of the city! Also it’s so cheap to get there if you book in advance, and we booked all our riads on AirBnB; the ones we stayed in have links in the blog posts so you can have a look at what to expect 🙂


      1. Ok perfect I’ll check out those links when I start planning my trip! I definitely had the intention of heading out of the city, I can never handle crowds for too long 🙂


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