10 thoughts on “Marrakech”

  1. I love Marrakech! Ah, these pics are giving me nostalgia. I loved everything about it. The botanical garden, the famous central square, the tagine* (is that how you even spell it?). Nice read!


  2. you liked my Autumn pics…. so I came over here and have enjoyed pootling around your blog a bit. Especially this…as we’re off to Marrakech for (avoiding) Christmas this year…. any tips on where the highest density of jewellery shops is?


    1. Marrakech is definitely the place to go for Christmas! The entrances to the souks are around the main square, the Jemaa el-Fnaa, and they’re filled with clothes, spices, rugs, lanterns, jewellery… The main ‘streets’ of the souks are where the biggest stalls are, so start at the square and head for the centre and you should stumble across some jewellery Aladdin’s caves. Have an incredible time!


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